one to many !?

So i've been trying to run this small business and notice i've become addicted to webinars ...... its been 2-3 weeks since my last one........ have i learn anything? not really i feel like i knew most of the info shout out to you tube lmao .....but a reoccurring thing is them asking for money to unlock more info after u sat thru over 1-2 hours ....`` now i get we are all trying to get rich but being one of those newbies in the game i feel for us ..... inventory , website ,promotion, and me giving out tons of free shit like a dummy we lose alot instead of gaining .im in year 2 and i am proud of myself but i refuse to pay over 1,000 to a person that has at least 25 other ppl just like you tryin to get put on !!! i almost fell for one until....... i didnt respond to an email the company then emailed me for 2 weeks straight each email the price was coming down ..... lmao so it make you wonder how much are these programs worth ? it went from 2,999 to 1,700 to 1,000 to 899 and the last was my favorite lmao 599 ....... did you just read that !? 599 ...when i seen 599 i thought to myself what is this really worth ...... to be continued

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